IMG_0098 cropThe main focus of this site is to document the progress of a Home Information Display project using micro controllers and all written in the basic language.

Following my early days as a student engineer in hospital engineering and electronics workshop I spent the rest of my working life as an electronics  field service engineer working in several countries and for the most part in the field of  Scientific Instrumentation. Moving to a more rural location from Melbourne a few years ago was part of the big plan to wind down from work and eventually retire. Having finally made the retirement step just over a year ago, as they say, I have never been busier. Apart from the gardening, replacing work meetings with ones for the local community association , jobs for the Art Gallery my lifelong desire to dabble with electronics and write code have been elevated an few notches. Micro-controllers have the wonderful ability to combine the hardware and software together in a single package, I hope on this site to be able to share past and future projects.

Michael Ogden