Firmware (running under ESPbasic) providing a Transparent Serial connection to a MCU (like a Micromite) via WiFi.

Schematic / ESPbasic Firmware

For schematic and software information see

the ESP Basic Site

ESP Basic documentation


On Initialise the software sets up the following:

UDP network communications on Port=5001 (default)
node name as set by user, used to identify this ESP device on WiFi network, also an AP will be created on your network using this name.
Email communications as defined by user
Open Weather Map downloads as defined by user
Weather Underground uploads as defined by user

Commands and responses as follows:

From Network Command string Response (ESP8266)
 Who are you?  ID=(node)
ESP_ALL:data string Passes a string to MCU as udp.bcast:data string
 Node name:data string If it matches station node name
then passes a string to MCU as udp.rec:data string
 From MCU  time: Requests NTP time from Internet. ntp:time()
 email:address:reply:subject:body  Sends email via mail.smt2go
 info:  returns Ver (esp8266-mcu)
ip address , SSID name, flashfree, ramfree, Node ID, port num
 ts:key:field number:data  Sends upload to thingspeak
 owm: Requests weather from Open Weather Map
 udp:send:data string  sends udp broadcast as,port, string
wu.send:weatherunderground data string sends upload to Weather Underground
reboot: causes the ESP8266 to restart
quit: causes the ESP8266 to quit to menu


ESP8266-Mcu-V5.9p firmware ESP8266-Mcu-V5.9p.bas