8 Port controller board 

Based on MX170 DIP uMite for easy soldering
ILI9341 LCD display support
RTC module
ESP8266 wifi module
4mB of Flash Ram for storage/logging
8 port Ext Output
General 8 Pin connector, 6 general mixed Input/Output/Analog plus 3.3v and Gnd
Ext I/O 8 pin connector, console , spi, I2c
ICSP connector
Console connector
Pololu PSU module (3.3v), you can choose to use best one for your needs
ie stepup, stepdown, or stepup/stepdown variety.

Pic32mx170f256bESP8266 ESP-01S WiFi Serial Transceiver Module with 1MB Flash
Parts List
Loc Description Supplier (suggested Australia)
U1 8 bit Shift Reg 74HCL595 Core Electronics
U2 pic32mx170f256b Microchip/Element 14

Polulo Stepdown Reg, or other PSU to suit
alternatively the 3.3 v supply can be
provided off the PCB

Core Electronics
U4 TronixLabs
U5 DS3231 RTC Real Time Clock Module for Raspberry Pi TronixLabs
LCD LCD 2.4 " ILI9341, 2.8 LCD will fit electrically but will not match mounting holes Various suppliers on Ebay is best
C1 22-47uF Tant for Vcap  
c2 0.1/100n ceramic filter cap  
c3 220uF/16vw Electrolytic  
R1-3 10k Resistor  
R4-5 3.3k, 15k Voltage divider for Batt Mon  
R6 4R7 Resistor for LCD backlight  
1 way Socket 14 pin socket for LCD
Header Pins Various to suit configuration and application.  



















The  PinOut Matrix - helps to assign pins in your project.

3D printed Enclosures - two models are available, one with panel mounting tabs, one without
also a lid.





PCB gerbers, drills etc Constructors Pack ver 1.3
Pin out Matrix helper pinout matrix helper.pdf
Cut and Wire errors for Ver 1.2 pcb cut&wire_ver1.2.pdf
Silk screen errata for PCB ver 1.3 errata pcb v1.3.pdf
Enclosure with mounting tabs 2.4 LCD uMite box v1 w tabs.stl
Enclosure without mounting tabs 2.4 LCD uMite box v1 wo tabs.stl
Enclosure lid 2.4 LCD uMite box v1 lid.stl