This firmware written in ESPbasic provides com port link between the ESP8266 module and the attached MCU , usually a Micromite running MMbasic

The ESP8266 will first need to loaded with ESPbasic using flashing toll available from the ESPbasic site, then the load the latest ESP8266-MCU firmware.

The software may also be run without a Micromite attached and may be modified to perform tasks. The software has its own UI which may be added to or

changed providing buttons to control IO functions, display data , etc.

The built in UI provides basic information and setup functions.

Instructions to perform a Clean Install of ESPbasic and the ESP8266-MCU software are here

Download current ESP8266-MCU Zip file

Unzip the file and upload the .bas file via the ESP8266 web interface.

You will need to edit the network details near the end of the file in the [global] section

  write("WIFIpass","your password")
  write("WIFIname","your ssid")

Clean Install Instructions

First download the NodeMCU flashing tool.

32bit , 64bit, You can click here to find all the information about NodeMCU flasher.

Then download the ESP8266-MCU from this page and ESPbasic flasher from here

Blank 1Mb bin file

PDF instructions