uMite controller board 

Backlight control or Fixed
UNIO eeprom
Input Supply Voltage divider
Half Vcc Voltage divider

"Microbridge" serial interface/programmer

Based on MX170 SOIC device
ILI9341 LCD display support
RTC module
ESP8266 wifi module
General 8 Pin connector, 6 general mixed Input/Output/Analog plus 3.3v and Gnd
Ext I/O 8 pin connector, console , spi, I2c
ICSP connector
Console connector

Mounting for two regulator types
Pololu PSU module (3.3v), you can choose to use best one for your needs
ie stepup, stepdown, or stepup/stepdown variety.

"Tiny DC to DC"  Reg variable output 2.5-5V (set to 3.3v)   Input 2.5-28V




The  PinOut Matrix - helps to assign pins in your project.

3D printed Enclosures - two models are available, one with panel mounting tabs, one without
also a lid.





PCB gerbers, drills etc Constructors Pack ver 1.4
Pin out Matrix helper pinout matrix helper.pdf
Enclosure with mounting tabs 2.4 LCD uMite box v1 w tabs.stl
Enclosure without mounting tabs 2.4 LCD uMite box v1 wo tabs.stl
Enclosure lid 2.4 LCD uMite box v1 lid.stl